Our mission

To inspire community-based initiative focused on changing legislation, providing education and resources that support prevention and response, and facilitating shelter and treatment for survivors of child sex trafficking.

Why We Are Targeting Southern Nevada

All of us are guilty of not knowing or understanding the deplorable actions of people in the world, even within the communities where we live. When we come face to face with injustice, we should be responsible for inaction. We are also guilty of being ineffective with bringing about change because it could cost us our time, our resources, and perhaps even our reputation.

But we feel that enough is enough. If there is one thing that we can all agree on–something that cuts through red tape, political tribalism, and biased opinions–children are NOT for sale. Our belief is that it begins with us–all of us–getting enraged that children are being raped every day and that it’s happening within our own communities. Out of this rage, we have the responsibility and privilege to liberate these children and eliminate the demand for exploitation of minors.

How We Will Bring Change

What makes Kids Not For Sale stand out is our evidence-based, results-driven approach to ending the trafficking of children in Southern Nevada. While we will help provide resources, funding, and services for survivors, the mission is to be preventative by combating the demand. Kids Not For Sale is looking for fellow abolitionists and partners to join alongside our efforts by engaging through influence, enforcement, research, and fundraising.


Kevin Malone


Kevin Malone

Kevin Malone, named “The Best General Manager in the Game” in 1995, retired from professional baseball in 2001 after an illustrious 17-year career in which his teams earned a World Championship and several trips to the post-season.  Major League Baseball Hall of Fame General Manager Pat Gillick stated the following about Kevin, “he is a dedicated, loyal, hard-working guy who is also a visionary and pushed the people around him to be better.  Kevin’s an experienced winner whose leadership, team building skills, and management expertise helped him in restoring three different MLB franchises to prominence.”

Malone, a human trafficking “abolitionist” uses his talents, experiences, and relationships to fight for the eradication of child sex slavery.  Kevin is the Founder and Executive Director of Protect The P.A.T.H. (People Against Trafficking Humans), and President/Co-Founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking.  Both are ministries dedicated and committed to ending the sex slavery of minors in American cities, communities, and neighborhoods.  Each ministry seeks to bring awareness, prevention, rescue assistance, and restoration to children. The model implemented is a proven, evidence-based approach that utilizes collaboration among experienced leaders, experts, survivors, professionals, and service providers in all sectors of human trafficking to battle America’s “slave problem.” Malone believes that all people are called to seek justice, rescued the oppressed, and defend the orphan. President Donald J. Trump appointed Kevin in October 2019 to his non-partisan Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking.

Kevin played baseball at the University of Louisville, where he is a member of the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame, and in 1980 earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Administration.  Drafted by the Cleveland Indians, Malone played one season in the NY-Penn League.  In 1985, after working towards his Master’s Degree in Theology at Tennessee Temple Theological Seminary, Kevin joined the California Angels as part of the scouting and player development team. He also had stints with the Montreal Expos and Minnesota Twins, where he won a World Series ring as the Advance Scout for the exciting 1991 World Series defeating the Atlanta Braves. Kevin was named the General Manager of the Montreal Expos in 1994. Under his guidance, the Expos rose to national prominence and, in the strike-shortened 94’ season, finished with the best record (74-40) in Major League Baseball. 

In 1996, Kevin was named the Assistant General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles and helped assemble a club that advanced to the American League Championships in both 1996 and 1997. Kevin retired in 2001 from Major League Baseball after three years as Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Since retiring, Kevin worked for Fox Sports (Baseball Analyst) and ESPN’s Baseball Tonight (Trade Analyst). Kevin in 2005 began a start-up business venture as an owner of the new Mercedes-Benz of Valencia.  

Malone is actively involved in numerous ministry and charitable organizations including; Inner City Visions (providing L.A. gang communities help), ToGETher Freedom, and located in Israel; Hope for Israel, Hayovel, and World Emunah. Kevin was an Executive Producer on two films and also helped create the ‘Shawn Movie’ the film about his son’s miraculous healing from a traumatic brain injury. Kevin is a follower of Jesus Christ and is committed to bringing HIM honor and glory by revealing the Lord in the way he lives his life. In February 2015 Kevin became an ordained minister. He has been married to Marilyn for 39 years. They relocated to Las Vegas from L.A. in February of 2018 to fight child sex slavery. They have two children, Shannon and Shawn.                                    

John Martin

Advisory Committee Member

John Martin


Director Jack Martin of the Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services has served over three decades in law enforcement, both in the adult and juvenile arenas.   Mr. Martin began his career in California before transitioning to both Arizona and Hawaii as a subject matter expert in rebuilding troubled correctional systems due to rampant civil rights violations. Mr. Martin earned his degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Communications, is a national speaker for operational issues surrounding cultural change initiatives within law enforcement agencies, and an expert in designing and teaching necessary classes for all working in the justice system, whether adult or juvenile.

Mr. Martin grew up in Southern California in a multicultural home and community and utilizes his personal exposure to a multitude of systems to improve the service delivery of the departments he leads. Mr. Martin moved to Nevada in 2009 and immediately noticed the mass incarceration of young people of color within state and local detention centers. After accepting the position of Director in 2013, reform efforts began that included the implementation of risk and need assessment tools that make detention determinations based on risk to the community, not bias-based practices that utilized non-scientific methodology to determine detention usage. The detention population has dropped from 260 a day to an average of 136, with still more work to do. Referrals to the department have also dropped from over 27,000 in 2011 to 11,500 in 2019 because of system reform efforts in the community. In addition, the Harbor, Juvenile Assessment Center was created in 2016 to address low-level behaviors and social barriers to intervene proactively in a child’s life. The Harbor has expanded to two locations with recent funding allocated to expand to five locations throughout the valley. In three years the program has served 14,000+ youth and families with less than five percent escalating to the juvenile justice system. 

Mr. Martin is also addressing the school to prison pipeline through his coordinated partnership with the Clark County School District, his participation on the Superintendent’s Equity and Access Commission, and working tirelessly to break, dismantle, and disrupt disproportionality of any kind within his sphere of influence. This includes revamping the entire hiring, training and evaluation of his teammates where law enforcement practices of the past are no longer tolerated and transparency, inclusion and equity are celebrated. Mr. Martin volunteers through his church, is a mentor for young people in the community, is a member of several local boards, and enjoys building cars and Harley-Davidsons® when not at work or spending time with his family.   

Mr. Martin was lucky enough to find his sweetheart early in life and is blessed to be raising his children with his best friend.  

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